I AM a fan of the Patriots…

…but for the most part, I watch football to kill "sports" time in baseball’s off-season.  So, while I’m bummed about the Pats, it pretty much left me over-night.  (I’ll admit to probably avoiding the Super Bowl because if I have to see any MORE of Peyton Manning it will make me retch.)  This week it will stink to be Tom Brady and then he’ll remember he’s Tom freaking Brady and all will be well in his world.  It was a fun season while it lasted.

MLBlogs is still being hinky for me, but the folks behind the scenes are working at it.  My annoyance with this coincides with the announcement (left in the comments section, ironically, thanks Diane!) that we who usually get MLB’s "Extra Innings" via anything other than Direct TV are out of luck for, oh, the next seven years.

As if MLB doesn’t have enough ways to draw blood from its fans?

I’m beginning to understand those folks who love baseball but refuse to support MLB in any way. 

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