Good luck, today, Red Sox Nation

Today, tickets for a few games in April and May, along with the four-packs the team sells every year, are going on sale.  Due to family obligations (and a thinning cash-flow, to be honest!), I won’t be purchasing any.  Heck, if there are any single seats left tonight I might grab a couple, but I don’t really see that happening.  I’ve already won tickets to a game in 2007 at a Christmas raffle, so at least I know I’ll be going to ONE this year.  🙂 (And you all know I’ll be hitting ebay and stub hub as needed!  It’s a sickness, I know!)

I encourage those interested to actually try and get tickets.  I’ve had good luck every year, even if most of them were single-seats, and it isn’t as painful as some make it out to be.

Today is "Christmas at Fenway" and I’ll be there tomorrow with friends from another blog.  So instead of buying tickets, I’m celebrating the season today and tomorrow with those I love.

Not really such a bad deal.

Have a great day, folks!

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