AL MVP announced today

PapialNow I don’t believe for a minute that the voters will be unbiased enough to pick Papi…but he’s the one I think should get it.

Of course, Jeter has the calm eyes and the leadership qualities* that make an MVP so he’ll probably walk away with the hardware this year.

No matter…Papi will always be MVP to me.

(*And, yes Yankees fans, I know Jeter has the numbers this year for MVP…so does Ortiz – moreso.)

.Have a great day, folks!

Edited already:  I no sooner hit ‘save’ and I get an email with a link to George King’s article in The New York Post today. (Be warned, that link takes you to a page covered in pictures of Derek Jeter selling perfume!)

So rumor has it Jeter and Morneau in a tie for MVP, eh?  That’s pretty interesting.  Actually, the most interesting part of the article is that in defending Jeter, King convinces me Morneau deserves it over Jeter.

King says the things penalizing Ortiz are his team not going to the playoffs this year and the fact that he’s a DH.  Given that ARod won it in a year that the Rangers were cellar-dwellers, I think his second point is more valid.  Sports writers have a major bias against the dh.  It’s a stupid bias, but obviously, if King’s article is right, not one that is going away any time soon.

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