“Dear Red Sox Chick…

Why do you post pictures of players like Lenny Dinardo and Bronson Arrojo?  They ****.  If you knew anything about baseball, you’d  know that.  You want to show that women know about baseball but you prove you don’t with those pictures.  By the way, Payton Manning kicked Tom Brady’s **** tonight.  HA!  You don’t know anything about football either!"

An actual email I received a couple of minutes ago.  🙂  Lately the nice emails outnumber the bad ones (and if you are one of the folks who sent me a nice one, I’ll be getting back to you.  I’m finally feeling ALMOST 100% again!).  By the way, this email was signed,
"A REAL baseball fan"

And, fair is fair, Manning did great tonight and Brady threw for three interceptions.  So now Peyton (I love that the ‘author’ of that email spelled Arroyo AND Peyton wrong, but I know nothing about the sports) has TWO wins against Brady.  Good for him.  🙂  (Hey, at least AV missed two kicks tonight!)

New addition to the blog, a playlist of songs that I’m currently listening to.  Listen in if you like (I warn you, I’m notorious for my ‘interesting’ musical tastes!) and you can pass over whatever song is the first to play by clicking to the right of the block to go to the next song.  Thanks to Dany for turning me on to that site (run by old Massachusetts friend Barry Scott!).

Speaking of Lenny, he’s doing very well in Arizona.  Yay!  And I found these quotes from him, from the end of the season:

"I’m going to the Fall League to work
on a lot of things, including mechanics, flexibility and strength, and
[he wants to] kind of just forget about this. Kick back into gear and
hopefully have a better year next year."

"But overall, an 8 ERA, in this league, you’re not
going to stick around. That’s how I look at it. Gives me a lot to work
on, right?"

Lenny obviously has his head on straight, which is a great start.  I look forward to seeing him in Spring Training in 2007!

And, of course, taunt me about my baseball knowledge and I’ll post half-naked pictures of baseball players!  🙂

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