Derek Jeter? Uh, no!

If you visit Fire Joe Morgan (no need to reinvent the wheel here which is why I’ve provided the link for you all to read their more humorous and involved take on this) they map out why Derek Jeter clearly didn’t deserve the Hank Aaron Award this year.  (Click the link to see the numbers for yourself.  Ken did a lot of work on them and I don’t want to steal them.) 

Based on the stats, Travis Hafner, David Ortiz and, heck, even Jim Thome deserved it more.  They all had a better offensive season all-around than Jeter.  As remarked on over at FJM, Jeter was not only NOT the best offensive player on his own team, but not at his own position either.

Travis Hafner will NEVER get any respect while he’s in Cleveland, and everyone loves Big Papi except when he’s pitted against Derek Jeter.  Thome got the comeback player award so he played himself out of the award, apparently.

Now, Yankees fans, and every other person who voted for Jeter to receive the Hank Aaron award…did you actually pay attention to any statistics this year or did Jeter win because he’s ‘most popular’?

We’re going to read a bunch of articles tomorrow about how deserving Jeter is of this award.  But, heck, if this was the MLB 2006 video game, he wouldn’t have even made the top 3 in voting.

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