Sweet wireless!

Thanks to "Arturo" (I think that’s his name)…I have my wireless back!

Yes, I’ll probably die alone, but at least my laptop will be working!!

NESN is now showing a special that highlights all of Big Papi’s homeruns this year ("Big Papi’s Greatest Hits") – complete with comments about Papi from his teammates and other players throughout the league.  It’s a nice tribute to him and a lot of fun to watch.

"He’s just a great big teddy bear and I love being his teammate." – Tim Wakefield

How many grown men do you hear describe another man as a ‘teddy bear’ and then go on to say they ‘love’ being around him?  This is a special guy.

"Best teammate I’ve ever played with." – Kevin Millar

They are now playing the 1812 overture over Papi’s homeruns.  I suppose if I can’t watch my boys in the post-season, I can enjoy what Papi has done this year.

"He’s one of those clutch hitters who is always exciting to watch." – Grady Sizemore. 

They just showed his 3-run walkoff against the Indians…I remember watching that and just before he hit it thinking about how unfair it was to always expect him to do it.  And yet, he did it again.

"I feel sorry for any guy whose got the game on the line with him coming up…" – Reed Johnson

"How many times can you go to the well???" – One of Don Orisllo’s homerun calls.

Papi just said he takes his helmet off when he goes into ‘the pile’ after a walk-off so they won’t hit him as hard as hey would with the helmet on…I’m not sure that works the way he thinks it does!

Last night at Fenway I cried more than a couple of times.   I cried twice for Trot…once for Mark Loretta and once when Papi left the field.  Now, I know perfectly well that Papi is back with us next season – but this season was so amazing for him.  So magical.  And the chances of him duplicating that magic are slim.  Not impossible…and I still think he’ll be Senor Clutch, but this year was special for him – and it has ended too soon. 

I believe with all I have that he should be the American League MVP.    And I’m eager for the post-season to end so we can find out if he gets it!

Of course, I love baseball so I will still be watching and choosing my teams to root for.  First round?  I want to see the Tigers and the Twins win in the AL and I want to see the Dodgers and the Cardinals win in the NL.  Mind you, these aren’t predictions, I don’t believe in those.  They’re just the teams I’d like to see go to the LCS.

I’ve decided not to focus on the negative with Trot.  The Hot Stove season is a long one and I’ll have plenty of time to freak out when things actually happen without sitting around worrying about them.

They’re showing Papi’s 51st homerun and I’m sitting here crying like a baby.

"David Ortiz now stands alone!" – Don Orsillo’s homerun call for Papi’s 51st.

When he hit his 52nd homerun they gave him the silent treatment.  Gabe Kapler was the first guy to break the silence and give him a hug!

Man, they fit that all into a half hour?  And now "The Remys" are on.  NESN sure knows how to milk the baseball huh?  🙂  I love Red Sox Nation.

Okay, since I’m already saying Papi should be MVP, I’d like to add that Mike Lowell should get a Gold Glove.  No question in my mind.

Remy gave Adam Stern’s game-ending catch back in April "Number 1" on his list of amazing catches!  He’s also reminding me of all the ‘milestones’ this year.

Schilling gets his 200th win.  (And comes out after the game for a curtain call.)

Manny hits his 2000th hit (a 3 run homerun).

Jason Varitek catches his 991st game (the most all-time for a Red Sox catcher – at a game I was at!)

Schilling gets 3000 strikeouts.

Papelbon breaks the Red Sox rookie save record, ending the season with 35 saves.

Coupled with first major league homeruns by Dustin Pedroia and David Murphy.

The season might not have ended the way we would all like…but it certainly was more fun than not.

Man, I love this team.  I can’t wait for pitchers and catchers to report!

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