Notes from Friday

There’s a lot I have to pack into today, so I have to make this (relatively)quick.  Had a wonderful time last night.  I hung around near the field before the game, hoping to ‘meet’ Kevin Millar, but it wasn’t to be.  He DID come by to sign some autographs, but I was pretty much at the wrong end of the line (plus, I kept letting kids in front of me so THEY could get an autograph – I’m very uncomfortable asking for autographs…).

Rick Dempsey pulled out a bag of baseballs and started throwing them into the stands until they were all gone.  Daniel Cabrera threw quite a few into the stands as well.  I met some really nice Orioles fans…and was with them during the National Anthem, when all but one of them did that stupid (and I consider, disrespectful) "OH".  The one who didn’t is an Orioles season ticket holder who told me she HATES the "OH".  I have to agree with her there.

Sat in right field so I got to see a lot of Trot (haven’t looked at my photos yet – hopefully I got some good ones).  I’ve never seen HIM throw so many baseballs into the stands.  At one point, Dori called me to tell me she was holding up her "Theo re-sign Trot" sign and he saw it and threw a ball her way (she wasn’t the one who ended up getting it though).

Mike Lowell went 2-3, I got to see Mike Timlin get a save (and he came into the game to a massive ovation – it was really  nice to hear – the folks gave Trot one every time he came up to bat as well)…and I have now seen, in person, 3 of Julian Tavarez’s 5 wins.  🙂

Back to Fenway today with Kelly (the friend who got booted with me).  I’ll be bringing ‘the sign’ back today…so maybe I’ll get booted again?  (Here’s hoping I don’t!)

Two games left in the season…this summer just went by so quickly…

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