When do I get my basebrawl?

Seriously.  What the hell?  If you’re going to lose 3 out of 4 to the Blue Jays, guys, you could at least start a fight.  Sheez, Wake was on the mound.  What better pitcher to incite a basebrawl with a hit batter?

Sorry, but I’m not going to cry about being in third place.  Unless you’re in Wild Card contention, second place means nothing.  Third place means nothing.  If you’re out of it, you’re out of it.  I’m bugged enough that their out of it…the position they’re in while they’re out of it really is of no meaning to me.

Besides, the Blue Jays play the Tigers and the Yankees to end the season…it’ll be fun to see if they keep that hold on second.

Ugly, ugly series.  Here’s hoping their saving up some good games for the final five.  I just want my boys to come home.  Then I’ll be happy.

Question for Blue Jays fans:  Why the hell do you boo Eric Hinske?  Did I miss something?  The guy was traded…and you boo him?  Guy was rookie of the freaking year and you BOO him?  We aren’t talking about a player who left for more money…so what is the deal?  Was he a horse’s behind when he was in Toronto and I never paid attention to it?  It really has me curious.

And before people start jumping in about Johnny Damon – the circumstances are completely different.  Short of Damon and Clemens  (and Jay Payton!) ex-Red Sox players get ovations in Fenway, not boos.  Mike Lowell and Alex Gonzalez got ovations in Florida.  So what up, Toronto?

I’m still convinced that Tim Wakefield is still hurting and sucking it up for the team.  He pitched well to start the game and then totally imploded.  Man is still playing in pain…you can see it.  I want him to come home and save it up for next season.

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times – I’ll be at the final four games of the season.  It’s something that I’m excited about and sad at the same time.  I get pretty emotional at the end of the season, knowing I won’t be in Fenway until the spring.  Hey, I invest a lot of time in this team…it takes a toll. 

And, for those who have asked, a brief blurb about Manny.  No one knows how his knee feels except Manny.  Gordon Edes, a writer I usually respect, kicked him when he was down, knowing that Manny wouldn’t respond because he doesn’t speak with the media.  Also  knowing that the Red Sox wouldn’t release any information on his condition.  So Gordon thinks he’s faking and that Theo should trade him.  Then Gordon gets all bent out of shape because someone had the nerve to call his home and complain about his article trashing Manny.  Gee, Gordon, if you’re going to insert yourself into a story by throwing claims around like Manny is faking and should **** it up like his teammates…you should be able to handle the heat you get for it.  Congratulations, Gordon, on turning into CHB Jr.

And, as far as other players playing through pain.  Well, it’s worked well, for the most part, for Mark Loretta…but Coco Crisp?  You actually used Coco as an example?  He’s the perfect example of why you DON’T always play through pain.  I’d venture to guess that he hurt the team more than he helped them this year.  Maybe if he had fully healed, instead of playing hurt, he could have been a bigger asset to the team.

Because I’ve made it known that I don’t read many other blogs, especially if they aren’t Red Sox-related, folks have taken to emailing me posts from around MLB.  I find it pretty humorous that some Yankees bloggers are still focusing on the Red Sox even when they aren’t any kind of threat.  Ah, but it’s the Sox fans obsessed with the Yankees…I get it.

After the letdown of no post-season ball in Fenway passes, I’ll be excitedly watching the playoffs.  I think it’s going to be one heck of a fun time this post-season!

Thanks again to all my blog friends who visited the other blog and put in t-shirt orders.  I really appreciate it. 

Have a great night folks!

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