An apology – of sorts.

Beth emailed me to tell me she was bothered by the way I represented what she wrote yesterday.  Although, I don’t know how I could misrepresent what she wrote, since I posted it in its entirety, I apologize for making her feel like I was publicly humiliating her.  Not my intent, but that’s how she took it so I DO apologize.

But, as I wrote to her, I stand by my response about being ’embarrassed’.  It just isn’t a word I’ve found the need to associate with my being a fan of the Red Sox in regard to how they play.

Today, as everyone knows, is the fifth anniversary of September 11th.  I have my own stories and issues from that day, that I don’t intend to share, and it’s difficult for me to dedicate an entire post to it.  But my thoughts are definitely there today.  Hopefully, I’ll be hooking up with Kelly again to give blood at Fenway.

So, if I have to mention September 11th at all today, it will be to say "Don’t ever forget what happened, and go out and give blood".  Blood is like money, someone always needs some.

Take care, folks.


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