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Jarvis Comcast is being a beatch…so the liveblogging might be spotty.

7:06 – Kevin Jarvis is pitching for the Sox tonight and the Santana Infield is back!

7:08 – Jarvis gives up a lead-off single to "The Jesus".  Great.  Perfect way to start the game.

7:09 – I was at the game last weekend that Jarvis started.  I kept calling him ‘whatsyourname’.  As in "Nice pitch, whatsyourname!"  I have such a difficult time recognizing him, that I have no idea if the picture above is even him!

7:11 – Whatshisname got the first out.  Yay.

7:13 – I have a five year-old next to me telling me knock-knock jokes.  Very bad knock-knock jokes.  So I’m telling her bad knock-knock jokes back, while typing this and while watching the game…the Santana infield comes thisclose to a double play…but no dice.

7:14 – Mike Sweeney is up.  He shares a distinction with our very own Jason Varitek…he annoys the fans of every other fan base (aside from Boston and Kansas City) by wearing a "C" on his jersey.  He wears his on the opposite side that Tek does.  Ah, the information you get from a RSC live blog when whatshisname is pitching against the Royals.

7:16 – Wily Mo "Did you want me to really TRY for that" doesn’t make the third out and it bounces into the stands for a ground rule double.  Whatshisname says ‘thanks’, Wily Mo.

7:18 – Hey, I just told the "Why do firemen wear red suspenders" joke and it was a big hit.  Emil Brown has a 2-2 count with men on second and third.  Does Emil have an "e" on the end of either of his names?  Probably huh?

7:19 – E or no, whatshisname just walked the bases loaded.  Huzzah.

7:20 – Donnie Orsillo tells me that whatshisname is working on his 26th pitch of the inning…impressive.  He also has a 3-1 count on one Mr. Jarvis. 

7:21 – AGON!!!!!  Whatshisname got out of the inning "unscathed".  Eesh.

7:23 – I flip on the Yankees/Orioles game to see how much damage the Yanks have inflicted thus far and I see it’s 2-0 Baltimore in the bottom of the first.  What do I know, huh?

7:24 – Youk is up.  I’m very happy to see him leading off.  I still wish he’d keep his big mouth shut about the fans.

7:25 – Youk strikes out.  He’s 3 for his last 19.  And no one booed him at Fenway.  Go figure, eh Youk?

7:26 – Mark Loretta is hitting .292, but he’s 3 for his last 23 and he also strikes out…Ladies and Gentlemen, our number 1 & 2 hitters.

7:28 – My Big Papi is up and NESN automatically goes to one of the million "Hit it here,  Papi" signs…and Papi doesn’t hit it "there" but he DOES hit a ground rule double to right!  Woo-hoo Papi!

7:30 – Manny takes the first pitch for a strike and looks at the ump like it’s his fault.

7:32 – Manny strikes out.  At least it’s swinging.  Perez struck out the side.  Gonna be a long night. 

Agon7:34 – ARod is up in Baltimore.  I know what a good player he is.  I do.  But most of the time it’s like waiting for a car accident to happen.  And ARod hits into a double play.  Well, not really.  But if someone was on first, it would have been a double play.  Jason Giambi is hitting .250.    Ooh, and I go to the Sox game and Kansas City is getting cranky with the photographers.  Apparently something there was in someone’s way.

7:35 – John Buck is on first…but AGon starts the double play so he’s gone as quickly as he got there.   Niiiiice.

7:39 – Nice work whatsyourname.  No score going to the bottom of the second.

7:42 – Mike Lowell gave it a good smack but it’s an out.  NESN is pimping the Jerry and Don bobblehead and giving the guy in the brown shirt a really tough time…yet again. 

7:44 – Can I get electrocuted from the five year old dumping water on me while I’m on the laptop?  Luckily the behind of my pants are picking up all the moisture.

7:45 – Our Captain walks.  Hey there is a party at Fenway next Friday when the Sox are in New York….at "".  Man am I tempted.

7:46 – There will be a "Dunk Damon" tank at this party.  Don wants to know who they will dunk since Johnny will be playing.  RemDawg suggests Matt Damon.

7:47 – Wily Mo strikes out.  Perez is really ON tonight.  Here comes Coco.

7:49 – Coco does that lean in thing that Jeter does at the plate.  I turn the channel to see what the O’s are doing and when I get back Coco is out.  Sigh.

7:52 – My five year old niece is doing the "Walk Like and Egyptian" dance to "King Tut".  Seriously, this kid should be on television.  Well, at least I’D watch her.:-)

7:53 – Manny makes an amazing catch…so up your dupas people.  Hey FREDO is in the stands instead of Tina Cervasio!!!!  I love Fredo…but Tina finally grew on me.  Guess they just thought she finally deserved a day off.

7:54 – Two down, but I don’t know how because Eric Frede is showing us what kind of suit he’s wearing.  Man, I’ve missed Fredo! 

7:55 – Whatshisname has a one-two-three inning!!!

7:58 – Let’s go AGon…let’s get something started for whatshisname.

7:59 – Jerry Remy still thinks the Sox are in this…that’s good enough for me.

7:59b – AGon didn’t get the memo, apparently…he’s out, Youk’s up.

8:00 – According to Remy "some nut" is on the field.  But who cares about the nut?  They’re showing Wake and telling me he’s going to pitch next week in Baltimore.  Woo-hoo!!!!

Tek 8:01 – Youk does what he does best…walks.

8:02 – Javy Lopez was ‘unconditionally released’ today.   And because they’re discussing it on NESN, we get a close up of Tek in the dugout.  Thank you, NESN! 

8:05 – The five year old is now singing songs from "Annie" so I missed what Angel Berroa did (thank you DVR)…two on, one out and the Big Papi up and blasts one off the bullpen!  A BASE-CLEARING TRIPLE FOR BIG PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:13 – Manny knocked Papi in and now the inning is over.  (Stepped away from the computer to celebrate the triple…)

8:16 – End of 3, Sox lead 3-0…in Baltimore in the top of the third, Orioles lead 7-2.  Kansas City’s captian just hit a double to lead off the fourth…and Emil, "e" or  no "e" gets a single.  Men at the corners with no outs.  And the fun begins…

8:18 – Dang.  Beauty play by Lowell.  One out though, one run in and the guy at first safe.  Dang.

8:20 – "Did you see that catch Coco made?"  Two outs.  Finish it up whatsyourname.

8:22 – Whatshisname is not responding well.  Time to use his real name…let’s go, Kevin…get out of this damn inning!

8:23 – That was  ugly.  UGLY.  Royals score when they should be out.  UGfreakingLY.  Base hit and an error on Varitek for getting the ball knocked away.  3-2 Sox with two outs and two on.  Ugh.

8:26 – Donnie O tells me five of the six games the Sox have played against the Royals have been one run games.  That’s nice.  Come on, whatsyourname…stop **** me off.

8:27 – Well at least that part of the inning is over.

8:30 – Wily Mo is due for a big hit.  Now would be good, Wily.

8:31 – Or you could give Perez his seventh strikeout.  Whatever works for you.

8:31b – Eric Frede is talking about Jon Lester.  Honestly, every time they start talking about him I just want to cry.  My family is going through this with someone close to me…it’s some scary ****.  God bless you, Jon.

8:33 – AGon strikes out.  3-2 Sox at the end of the fourth.

8:35 – Orioles are winning 8-2.  I don’t care how this does or doesn’t affect the Red Sox…it’s still nice to see.  The Orioles have a run in each inning and it’s the top of the fourth right now.

8:36 – Kevin Jarvis has 67 pitches going into the fifth. And he gives up a lead-off double.  Do we see anyone warming up in the bullpen?  Anyone?

8:38 – Jarvis follows that up by giving up a single.  This game will be tied soon.

8:39 – Hey, Bryan Corey is up in the bullpen!  I’m actually mildly surprised.

8:40 – Forget tied.  Jarvis gives up a three-run homerun to Sweeney.  5-3, Kansas City.  Way to keep him in when he should have been out, Tito.

8:41 – Mike Sweeney just tipped his cap to the Fenway crowd.  How’s that for obnoxious behavior?  I liked Sweeney up to that point.

8:42 – Anyone surprised that Jarvis is still in there?  No outs, down 5-3.  Hey, Donnie O just said that was Sweeney’s sixth homerun of the season.  And he’s taunting Red Sox fans???  I’d better read tomorrow that there were Royals fans behind the dugout.

8:43 – Three runs too late, Jarvis gets his first out.

8:45 – Two outs.  Again, three runs too late.

8:47 – Gets a strike out for the final out.  Let’s see if the Sox can pull this kid up.

8:49 – Youk starts off the sixth inning with a hit!  Way to pick it up, Youk!

8:51 – Mark Loretta…you’re killing me.  KILLING me.  Come on, Big Papi…get the homerun toward your cycle. 

8:53 – Donnie O says that tonight is the first time in Papi’s career that he has a double and a triple in the same game.  Maybe that’s a good omen?

8:53b – At this rate, Papi, I’d take that single right now.

8:54 – Not quite how I wanted you to get on base, but heck, you’re on base.  Manny’s up.  Come on, Manny.  A homerun ties this baby.

8:56 – Manny has a 1-2 count.    And that was a bit of a gift.  He watched one go by and was lucky to get the call.

8:57 – Apparently, that irritated Perez enough that he threw the ball into the dirt.  Papi moves to second, Manny has a 2-2 count with two outs.

8:58 – 3-2.  They do this just to mess with me.

8:58b – And, going along with the tone of the entire month of August, Manny strikes out.

8:59 – And for those of you wondering.  Yep, I absolutely believe they can still pull this game out and win.  That’s why I’m here.

9:03 – Corey has two outs and did it without giving up a run.  Go figure.

9:05 – Ah, I speak too soon.  "The Jesus" gets hit by a pitch with 2 outs.

9:06 – Jerry and Don are arguing about Yankee Candles now.  High entertainment.

9:08 – Out of the inning ‘unscathed’.  Let’s get something started, boys!

9:10 – Berroa makes another error to put Mike Lowell on first to start the inning.  Capitalizing on this would be nice, fellas.

9:11 – Craig Hansen is warming up.  The "chick" in me says "woo-hoo!" and the baseball fan in me says "Why, God, why???????".

9:13 – Okay, now THIS is how you’re supposed to play, fellas!  Double by Tek, Lowell on third…no outs.  Let’s kick this into gear, guys!

9:15 – Wily NO Pena is back.  Strikes out.  One out, men on second and third.

9:17 – Coco Crisp is latin for Rally Killer, right?  Or Maybe it’s Alex Gonzalez?

9:17b – With two men on and no outs, the Sox can’t score a run.  Brilliant.

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