Woo! Hoo!

So many good things to say about yesterday!  It was the last day that both Kay and Lynn would be in Boston, so we made it into town early and hooked up with our friend Kelly .  We took the Fenway Tour (the first time I went on it), had some fun at Faneuil Hall and then sat in the new State Street Pavilion seats (hey, wait service!!!) that Lynn scored us – to watch the Red Sox beat the White Sox with a walk-off homerun from Haverhill’s own Carlos Pena!  That was only my second walk-off game that I I’ve seen in person (my first was last September, when the A’s hit  Manny with a pitch in extra-innings, to walk-in the winning run!)!

That night in September, Emily and I got on the scoreboard.  Last  night, as we were dancing in the stands after the homerun by young Carlos, Lynn and I noticed Kay on the scoreboard, dancing with her Wally that she made at Build-a-Bear earlier in the day.  As we were screaming to her to look at the scoreboard, we noticed after a few seconds, that we ended up on the scoreboard as well!  (Kay and Kelly sat in section 4, Lynn and I sat in section 2!)  When we finally left the stands, Kelly got a phone call from our friend Tom, who was also at the game and who saw us on the scoreboard!

After a celebratory drink and dessert at Boston Beer Works with Kelly, I went home with Kay and Lynn…where we looked at all the pictures we took yesterday AND stayed up to watch the replay of the game at midnight on "Sox in Two".

So I’m dragging a little this morning.  Lynn and Kay both go home today and I’ll miss them, but we have some amazing memories from a wonderful weekend.

More on the game, with pictures (funny how you can watch two losses in a row,in person, and one win like last night makes it all worthwhile!) later on in the day. 

Have a great day, folks!

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