My life as a tourist!

Teka_1 Took the entire day off of work today and played the tourist with Kay while we waiting for Lynn’s flight to get in tonight.

Today I took a duck tour (those are Jason Varitek’s and Trot Nixon’s autographs on the roof of the duck!), visited a historic graveyard and, once Lynn got in, ate at "Cheers" while watching the end of the baseball game.  It was a full day!

What was also fun was watching Mr. Kyle Snyder sack up Trotnaand pitch the game of his career!  What a great display he put on!  Tavarez starts against Halladay, Sox win.  Snyder starts against Lilly, an absolute Red Sox killer, Sox win.

Tomorrow we have Kevin Jarvis (Kevin Jarvis???) going against AJ Burnett.  Tomorrow is also the first game we all will be at this weekend.  No way do I chalk tomorrow up to a loss already.  We’ve done too well already this weekend…Mr. Jarvis could surprise us!

I’m watching Bronson and the Reds right now and Rudy Seanez is pitching for the Padres…as I’ve said earlier this week, good luck to them.

Just looked him up.  Kevin Jarvis has a B.S. in Biology with a Chemistry minor.  At least, now, Craig "Mr. Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry major", Breslow will have someone to talk to.

My heart just aches about Jon Lester.  I know they’re saying this is treatable…but it’s just too scary for me to believe until his treatment is over and he has a clean bill of health.  As I wrote before, I know he has a great support system in his friends and relatives…but I hope he also knows that the prayers of all of Red Sox Nation are with him.

On less serious notes, but still affecting the Red Sox, now we have to deal with Jonathan Papelbon  possibly being hurt and Curt Schilling being pulled from the game on Monday.  So Monday and Tuesday we have TBD pitching against the White Sox.  Ah, September.  How you tease me.

Kay and Lynn are hopefully sleeping right now and I’m on my way.  With the time changes, we have an early day ahead tomorrow.  I truly can’t wait!

Go Sox!


(From left to right, Me, Lynn and Kay at Spring Training in Ft Myers, Florida – March, 2005)

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