Last Night? Never Happened.

Mostly because I was asleep and didn’t SEE the Red Sox get shut out by the freaking Mariners.  But partly because I’m way too focused on being at the "Futures at Fenway" games today!  Lenny Dinardo will be starting for the PawSox in the second game – I can’t wait!!!

I find it interesting that the Yankees lost.  I mean, it would have been nice to gain a little ground, but from what I’m seeing with the Yanks, in spite of last weekend, if folks think that the Red Sox aren’t prepared to play in the post-season even if they get in, I’m not sure the Yankees are looking very prepared for it either.  September will be quite an interesting month of baseball.

Have a great day, folks!  I’m really looking forward to mine!

Go Spinners! Go PawSox!  Go Red Sox!!

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