The Llama beat the Rally Monkey!

Okay, my title will only mean something to a handful of people who read this blog, but, trust me, that’s what happened last night.  🙂

Still mighty worried about Manny being hurt…but at least, now, all the idiots in the Boston sports media can shut up about him ‘faking’.  It’ll be a huge hit if he’s out for a while.  Not just for losing his bat but in losing that protection for Papi.  The guys are going to have to step up big.

Mike Timlin got himself in trouble last night by loading the bases and we all had a little deja vu, and then he got himself right out of it!  So, because I am, as ever, running late, I leave you with his words from after the game:

"We’re not down and out, we’re not dead.  We know that one good week and we’re back in it. A week where we have
four or five wins, and they have three or four losses, we’re right back
there. Time’s not flying. We know what we need to do. We’re not
watching the Yankees, we’re watching the Red Sox."

Right on, Mike.  Have a great day, folks, and all let’s cross our fingers about Manny!

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