Sademmay22006_1_1 Okay, I am admittedly, a bit wasted.  We had a goodbye party for Emily tonight.  I just put her in a cab, as well as Little Rob (Big Rob and J texted me that they got in their cab safely – I’m a bit of a mother hen, as you might imagine)

Em’s last day is Friday.  Thanks to the generosity of others, I’m taking her to BOTH Yankees/Sox games that day.

I wrote an entire post about this that got lost.  :-/

I’m watching the "Sox in two’ even though I know they won and the Yanks lost.  So up yours to Eric Wilbur and everyone else who counted them out.

I totally believe they can take, AT THE VERY LEAST, three out of five from the Sox YANKS!

The Yanks don’t impress or scare me.

I know the likes of Deadspin readers hate to read about the private lives of bloggers…but tough sh1t.  That’s what I feel like writing about.

I think the Sox can really start something this weekend…I can’t wait for this series.

Oh yes.  I dvr’d the game from last night.  So even though MLB, the jerks, took the video I posted earlier down….I’ll have it up at some point..even if it isn’t through You Tube.  You can’t stop the fans, MLB, no matter how you try!

This weekend will be sad with my saying goodbye to Emily…but it’ll be fun on Friday.

By the way, Yankees fans, how are you liking Corey Lidle now?  😉

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