I had no intention of posting today…no intention of posting for a few days.  Life is much too crazy right now and I haven’t even watched the last two games.  But I came online to do some work via email and I was greeted with the reason I can’t stand Yankees fans. 

Now, I have visitors and commenters here who are Yankees fans and a handful of them seem to be perfectly nice people.  So I don’t mean to lump the good with the bad…but when the bad outweighs the good by a lot…well, I’m just sick of it and I’m tired of tiptoeing around it.

I have 17 messages in my inbox tonight from 17 different people representing themselves as Yankees fans.

Here’s a sampling of what I just finished reading.  As per one of the more annoying parts of being on MLBlogs, these have to be edited for the blog:

"You s*ck and so does your team!"
"Get a f(cking life and realize that the Yankees and their fans are the best in the world!"
"Ha-ha, u fat bich!  Now u know the Yankees r the best!"
(One of my favorites, and I didn’t change ANY spelling for this one!)
"Your fat ugly team won’t win anything"

Okay, I tire of editing these things.  You get the point.  17 emails telling me how much me and my team stink.  Now, I bet you’re wondering how many emails I’ve ever sent to Yankees fans telling them how much they and their team stinks, aren’t you?


Stunning isn’t it?

This isn’t the first time I’ve received ‘hate’ mail.  The White Sox fans had a field day during the World Series last year.  I got some really interesting ones.  But, you know, I chalked that up to those fans not knowing what it’s like to win anything and getting drunk with it.  They’re getting a huge does of reality this season…karma is a beatch.  I just don’t get it with Yankees fans.  Especially TODAY.  I might not have seen the games, but I know where we are in the standings.  Two games behind the Yankees for the division and a half game behind the White Sox for the Wild Card.  I also know that it’s August 6th.  So, much to the chagrin of Yankees fans, apparently, I’m not even close to giving up on my team.

Not that it matters.  What I don’t get is the inherent need in so many Yankees fans to seek out Red Sox message boards and blogs…especially mine…and Red Sox bash.  I mean, what is the point?  I read plenty of blogs, including some Yankees ones occasionally, and read all kinds of bashing.  Heck, someone on MLBlogs recently wrote an entire post about how Manny Ramirez must be on steroids because he has bad acne.  After I stopped laughing I went on to another blog.  I didn’t leave a comment calling the author and idiot or prejudiced or ignorant.  I understood that he’s a Yankees fan and with that comes a dislike of all things Red Sox-related and I moved on.  I certainly didn’t send him an email message that read:

"I can’t wait for the Red Sox to win the division so you can cry and get sick over it!"

But that’s exactly what someone sent me (the actual email replaced "Red Sox with "Yankees").  Which is fine.  Heck, it gave me something to write about today. It also shows the world what I already knew.  Most Yankees fans…well, you can have them.

The 2003 ALCS helped knock some sense into me.  Helped me realize that it isn’t just fans who get affected by what the team does, but the players as well.  So as long as my team is playing – I’ll be supporting them.

And even if my team doesn’t make the playoffs – which I’m pretty certain won’t be the case – I’ll still support them. And I get immense joy out of the fact that in doing so I, apparently, irritate an entire fan base.

17 emails.  Man, your team just won and has a two-game lead in the division race…don’t you folks have something better to do?

(Edited to add that I certainly didn’t mean for the tone of this to be SO serious…I absolutely don’t plan to stop writing about the Sox or the Yankees.  🙂 – I’m just amazed at what another Yankee fan referred to here as other people’s ‘insecurities’ about their own team!)

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