A quickie

Things that have happened over the past week:

My mother had major surgery.

My laptop died.

My internet access at home died.

Jason Varitek and Trot Nixon went on the DL

David Ortiz and Mark Loretta gave me a reason to smile.

The Red Sox fell out of first place.

I’m still a little cranky over a couple of these things…but the first one and last one aren’t two of them!

My mother is recovering well…thanks to everyone for your well wishes.  It’s still a bit of a road ahead of us, but it looks like things will be going relatively smoothly.

And, currently, I’m ‘borrowing’ wireless access from a neighbor.  The connection is kind of faint, though, so I’m thinking I’ll lose it in a moment or two.  Hopefully, I’ll have my own connection tonight.  And the laptop is still on the ropes thanks to the lollygagging of Dell…but it’s workable.

Not really worried about the Sox being a game behind the Yanks.  But it’s nice to see the likes of Umair still so unconvinced the Yanks are going to pull this off that he has to get his jabs in even when I’m not around!  It’s so nice to be loved (and in the case of the Red Sox – feared!).

Again, folks, thanks for all your kind words…they mean a lot.  Hopefully, the Sox get back on track tonight…and I’ll be back online around the same time!  🙂

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