What a strange night!

As the guy next to me in Fenway last night pointed out, "It’s nice to see everyone putting forth the effort to lose!".

I don’t necessarily agree with him.  We flashed some nice leather and AGon had two hits…the guys were trying, but Schilling was about as off as you can get and the guys never really clicked last night.  Even with scoring in the first, you could really feel it last night that it just wasn’t happening.

I haven’t been to a game in a while where I wasn’t that bothered by the loss.  I know with the Yankees win, it puts them only a .5 game behind the Sox…but I was much more focused on a couple of other things.  1) Trot Nixon injuring himself and(there’s one way to ensure you don’t get traded!) 2) the dam trade rumors.

While at the park, we were told that Mark Loretta’s wife left crying yesterday ("Maybe she found out that he knocked someone up" the guy I already quoted, says to me.) and then Mark wasn’t in the lineup and we couldn’t see him in the dugout.  This kept the "Mark Loretta has been traded" buzz going for quite a while.  First, it was in a four-team trade that got the Sox Greg Maddux.  Then it was in a straight-up trade for Julio Lugo.  (I’ll tell you this – I want nothing to do with Lugo – if Loretta has to go, I want it to be for a pitcher, dammit!)

Then, when I get home, I find out that nothing has been done…and Mike Lowell is the guy they are offering up, not Mark Loretta.

Now, I’m usually of the mind that when you hear these rumors, they are the ones that don’t happen.  And I truly hope that is the case here.  The team needs pitching, plain and simple.  Picking up a Lugo will not help us there and I see no reason to mess with the "Santana Infield".

But, I’m not Theo…and as history has shown us, I wouldn’t make most of the deals Theo has.

Speaking of which, welcome to Red Sox Nation, Bryan Corey – and welcome to the 60-day disabled list,  Matt Clement.

Boomer’s on the mound tonight.  Here’s hoping he still has something left.

For those of you who read my blog on a fairly regular basis, you have a pretty good idea that I’m very close with my family.  Especially my parents.  Well, my mother is going into the hospital tomorrow for surgery and I’m taking the week off to be around for her…so there might not be many posts this week after tonight.  And, if any, they’ll probably be of the late night variety.  If you’re that type of person, I’d appreciate your saying a prayer for my mother – every little bit helps.

I’m probably going to be ‘on the road’ at work today…so if you know me and have my cell phone number, keep me posted about the trades!  🙂

Have a great day, folks!

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