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We all know I’m watching the Home Run Derby tonight.  It isn’t like I can lie and say I had a hot date or  spent the night in the emergency room.  (Because, even if either of those things were true…watching the  Home Run Derby would be involved…five years ago, my sister gave birth to her first child and I STILL found time to watch Luis Gonzalez win the HRD!)

So I’m live blogging.  Supposedly FSN has some pre-‘game’ stuff that is supposed to involve Kevin Millar…but I have no idea if it will be carried around here since all the television guides are telling me "no".  If I can find it, I’ll probably live blog the pre-‘game’ show as well.  Yeah, I’m that sad.  🙂

So join me, won’t you?  What is more fun than watching grown men hit meaningless* homeruns?  Watching grown men hit meaningless homeruns AND reading about it on the internet!  Wheeee!

*Papi is donating money to some charity for every homerun he hits tonight.  Ah, don’t you love it when I’m specific?  I read the story a week or so ago and promptly forgot the specifics then googled it just  now but couldn’t find anything…so as soon as I get the specifics, I’ll let you in on them.  I write this to say that, given Papi’s generosity, not ALL the homeruns are "meaningless" (Okay, found it in one spot…according to the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Papi’s charity is "open-heart surgical units back home in the Dominican Republic").

One relatively-unrelated note from
"Reds right-hander Bronson Arroyo did not attend the National League
media availability because of a stomach/flu ailment."

Here’s hoping my Bronson isn’t too sick to pitch tomorrow night!

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