12 Drummers Drumming

Yaymets_1Okay, the picture is from TUESDAY night not LAST night…but it’s Mike Timlin high-fiving Coco Crisp – the way it should be.

Anyone who says they got this excited about the 2004 this early in the season has a bad memory – or  maybe a lower excitement threshold.  🙂  This team is just amazing right now.  Can the streak last?  Who knows?  I won’t say ‘no’ because I’m just not feeling it.  I really think they can knock off a few more wins.  I have a good feeling about that. 

Okay, so Jason Johnson v Dontrelle Willis doesn’t exactly invoke warm feelings of security, but I’m willing to give the guy a chance.   He’s a ground ball pitcher so I’m thinking the Santana Infield is really going to help him out here.

Coco’s catch was the number 1 web gem last night.  Much-deserved, I might add.  Seriously, I’m still giddy from it.  He flew.  That’s the only way to describe it.  It was like watching "Angels in the Outfield".

Hey, Kevin Youkilis just made number 3, Freddie Sanchez number 2 and Coco number 1 in "Best Plays" on "SportsCenter".  Nice to see the Sox (and EX-Sox, represented!).  (Speaking of Ex-Sox, Bronson went for his tenth win last night and ended up with a no-decision…)

Hey, for really fun and interesting reading, check out the link to the MLBLogs by team, and find the new Red Sox and Yankees blogs.  With almost half the season behind us, a lot of folks seem to be settling into the year and decided to start blogging.  Nice to see the community growing!

Cocojune212006By the way, Schilling was great last night.  Feel like I haven’t mentioned that (even in the live blog) enough.  And how about Alex Gonzalez?  Please, Theo, if you trade for ANYONE, we don’t need a shortstop.  And here’s hoping (although I know it’s doubtful) that Mark Loretta got a surge of All Star votes last night!

Coco Crisp is thisclose to doing a Red Bull commercial, huh?  Love it!

Boston has a 14-1 record in inter-league play thus far.  Say what you will, but I consider that pretty impressive.

Thankfully, the Sox are on the road because right now there is rain and thunder outside my window.

My work week from h-e-double hockey sticks ends today and then I have a four day weekend.  I’m hoping to use it to decompress – we’ll see.

Have a great day folks – and let’s make it lucky 13 tonight fellas!

(Picture of Coco and Loretta taken by me on June 21st)

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