What a Monday!

GabepapimannyI was in work all day today.  10 hours focused on a deadlined project that I still haven’t finished.  I listened to the beginning of the game on gameday audio and ‘watched’ the second half on gameday.

I didn’t really watch it.  I was too busy.  I just kept checking in.  I ‘saw’ the six runs in the sixth inning and was very  happy.  The next time I focused on the game, it was 6-5.  Definitely one of those games I was happy to not be watching lest I had a heart attack.  Needless to say, I was very happy with the end result.

I must say, if Rudy Seanez never takes the mound in Fenway again it will make me happy.  Not only do I think he can’t take the pressure, but I certainly don’t want him to have to put up with the booing of the Fenway Faithful.  No matter how poorly he pitches, he doesn’t deserve getting booed.  I hate that crappe.

But, once again, Papi comes through (with a little help from Kevin Youkilis!)…hopefully our guys get a good night’s Agonpapijune262006sleep – they have a really tough series coming up against the Mets and are going to need all the strength they have.  I’ll be there on Wednesday to cheer Pedro – and then cheer the Sox on to victory!

I was watching the Yankees/Braves game and turned it off when 1) I realized that the Braves really do stink and 2) saw Giambi’s second inning curtain call.  The curtain calls in Yankee Stadium have gone beyond ridiculous and are now right into plain stupid.  But, Giambi is getting the curtain calls while he can.  Guess he doesn’t expect to get any down the stretch.

So, instead of the Yankees, I’m watching game three of the College World Series.  I watched game one and have been rooting for Oregon State.  Right now the game is tied in the seventh…this is good baseball and very engaging.  It’s a lot more fun than waiting for Giambi to take a curtain call for drawing a walk.

(Edited to add…I’m switching between the World Series and the PawSox game – the Beavers just took the lead in the 8th in the World Series and the Pawsox just tied it up in the 8th!  It’s a  nice night for the young guys!)

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