Off to Fenway!

June19standingsI’ll be at Fenway for the entire Nats series – and work is really busy right now so I’ll be heading in there early for the better part of the week – so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post anytime soon.

In all my excitement last night, I didn’t realize that Rudy Seanez got the win.  How whacked is that?  A classic line from Gordon Edes:  The “W" next to Seanez’s name in the box score should stand for “Whaaaaat?"

Oh well, the team got the win and that’s what matters most.

Even more important is the way the standings look.  So much for that ‘June Swoon’, eh?

Kyle Snyder is on the mound for the Sox tonight…let’s just say this should be interesting.  Who knows?  Dude could pitch a no-hitter tonight!

Hope everyone has a great day! 

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