Happy Father’s Day!

June232006dadandluisTo ALL the "Big Papi’s" out there!

My dad’s idea of a great Father’s Day is to sleep late, hang around the house with the family, and today – watch the Yankees lose in the afternoon and the Red Sox win in the evening.

Let’s hope everyone accommodates him.  He’s a great guy – he deserves a nice day!

And, as witnessed by you all on Mother’s Day, along with my mother, he’s the one who not only began my love for the Red Sox, but who encourages it. 

I have wonderful parents and I know how lucky I am.  As I told Peter on his blog, I use Mother’s and Father’s Day to remember that.

Have a lovely day, folks!

(The title on the pic above is incorrect – that is my dad with Luis Tiant in June 2003, NOT 2006!)

Edited to add (because I don’t want to bump "Happy Father’s Day" down just yet)- God help me – I plan on live blogging the game tonight.  How can I NOT live blog a Schilling/Smoltz match-up?  Besides, I get to kill two birds with one stone – live blog a good game AND get my shots in at Joe Morgan!  Yippee!

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