Live Blog 8 – Red Sox at Tigers – June 2 2006

Detroit_rock_city_ver1Hey, made it home just in time!

It’s pouring in Boston.  Thankfully, this game is in Detroit!

Just took a look at my first ‘real’ live blog and this was my opening paragraph:

Okay, it occurred to me that I haven’t done this ‘live’ before.  Usually, I blog while the game is on but don’t save in real time…then I add some links, some pictures and ‘publish’ it when the game is over.  Not this time.  So my apologies if you’re reading this in real time…it’ll probably be a mess.  I’m not working from the bottom up, I’m going to just keep going down (so you’ll have to scroll down to get the newest updates).  If you aren’t reading this as it happens, well then you just wasted a minute of your life reading something that doesn’t apply to you.  My apologies.  (Edited to add….if you’re looking for play by play, I promise you this isn’t the place to get it!)  I’ll probably be saving between each half inning…we’ll see how that goes.

That pretty much says it all for the new folks.  Oh, except to expand on the ‘play by play’ thing…I do follow the game and you’ll get a good idea of what is going on…just not always an entirely specific idea.  A lot of what I write here is what I’m saying out loud during the game…take the laptop away from me and I’m pretty much the same person!  🙂

Curt Schilling v Kenny Rogers tonight.  I really want us to pound Rogers tonight.  I’m not a fan of the camera man beater-upper, what can I say?

Did you all hear the Tigers fans chanting "Yankees S*ck" last night?  I have to admit, that took me back a bit.  I mean, come ON.  They just kicked your team around 3 games in a row.  Mind  you, part of me got a kick out of the chant…I was just a bit surprised.

Lowelll_17:06 – Mike Lowell and Mark Loretta are both in the lineup tonight.  Ya-hoo!

7:09 – Yay!  Coco’s on first after a nice throw by Inge.  Chris Shelton, get thee to a couple of practices.

7:10 – Dugout shot of Mike Lowell.  Mike Lowell = dreamy.  That is all.

7:11 – Go rest that foot, Mark.  Big Papi will handle things.

7:13 – Kenny Rogers looks good.  Physically, I mean.  He looks like he’s lost weight.  It’s a slow inning, I notice these things.

7:14  What I meant was, "Go rest that foot, Mark.  Big Papi will hit into an inning-ending double play".

7:15 – NESN shows Doug Mirabelli’s return to Fenway on  May 1st in a commercial for "Classic Moments".  Gotta love it.

7:16 – Double my pleasure!  Not only is "Extra Innings" actually SHOWING a Friday night Yankees game – but the feed is the Orioles guys NOT YES!  Yippee, baby!

7:17 – With one out, Placido Polanco (and now I’ll be seeing "Una Paloma Blanca" for the rest of the night) hits a wicked double.

7:18 – Marcus Thames is up.  Last night, Chris Berman went on and on and freaking MenudoON about how Thames pronounces his name (like the river in England)…it was really bugging him, apparently.

7:19 – Mr. Thames just landed his self on second base.  1-0 Tigers with 1 out.  Come on, Curt…it’s the freaking TIGERS.

Magglio 7:20 – Magglio Ordonez has my favorite baseball name.  But he looks like he’s a member of Menudo.

7:22 – Menudo is down and Marcus Thames is still at second.  Come on Curt, it’s Carlos Guillen.  Get him out just because he shares a last name with Ozzie!

7:24 – Guillen strikes out!  1-0 at the end of one.  Good thing there are nine innings in these games, eh?

7:26 – Ramon Hernandez just knocked Miguel Tejada in to make the Yankees score 1-0 in the bottom of the first.  Cool.

7:28 – Manny doesn’t usually say ‘boo’ to an ump and he probably just came about as close as he ever has to getting thrown out of a game.  Definitely a sign that it’s going to be a long night. 

7:29 – That was a quick two outs.

7:30 – 10 pitch inning for Kenny Rogers.  10 freaking pitches.  Curt is in for a ride tonight.

7:31 – Kris Benson is pitching for the Orioles.  Every time I look at him I think, "maybe you should try a church or a library when you’re looking for your next wife".

7:32 – Mets/Giants game has been postponed.  That’ll give Mets fans extra time to get their proper heckling accoutrements ready.

Bobby_higginson_autograph 7:33 – Curt strikes out Chris Shelton.  Gonna be a long night for Chris, I’m betting.

7:35 – Hey!  Whatever happened to Bobby Higginson?  I loved him.  Saw him play twice in Boston – both times he got thrown out of the game.  I even have a Bobby Higginson bobble-head doll (I went through a period when I actually collected them…it’s a long story.  I don’t really do it any longer.)

7:36 – 10 pitch inning for Schilling.  Nyah, nyah, nyah, Rogers!

7:39 – Youk is up.  Madison, my goddaughter who is pushing the ripe old age of five, likes to tease me by saying "Boooouk!" instead of "Youuk!" when he’s up.  She thinks she’s funny.  (Well, she IS funny!)  Bouk just struck out.

7:42 – Another 1,2,3 inning for Detroit.  Come on guys, this is just getting silly.

7:42b – Seriously…does any one know?  Is Higginson done?  He was quite the scrapper. 

7:43 – O’s still leading the Yanks in the second.  Corey Patterson is up.  He’s one of those players I think should be on a better team.  (No offense to the O’s)

7:45 – Tina Cervasio colore her hair again.  She still can’t get it right.  Roots are so yesterday, sister.  Doesn’t NESN give her a fashion allowance?  Sheez.

005m 7:46 – O’s have two on and one out.  Who the heck is pitching for New York?  Oh….Wright….I have him in the Yankees Injury Pool over at Surviving Grady.  Not that I’m trying to jinx him or anything.  Hey, Luis Matos is up.  Nice lips.

7:47 – Yes, I actually switched off the Sox game while they were still playing to see the Yankees score.  Good thing there isn’t a Jake Gyllenhaal movie on too!

7:48 – Luis Matos might have  nice lips, but he can’t swing for crappe.  🙁

7:49 – Hey, Curt has two outs…now he has three.  1-0 at the end of three.

7:50 – Go figure, Hazel Mae isn’t shoving her breasts in anyone’s face.  Will wonders never cease?

7:51 – I’m looking at a Six Flags commercial.  I’m guessing this means the Orioles hit into a double play and  NOT that Wright is being taken out of the game so Mike Mussina can beat the snot out of him.

7:52 – It’s June and they’re still talking about Johnny Damon’s shave and haircut.  Thank you, Corey Patterson, for not letting Demon get a hit.

7:53 – Speaking of centerfielders…Coco is now 2-2 tonight.  Crispilicious.

7:55 – Loretta is out again.  Leaving Papi to ground into another double play (reverse psychology this time!).

7:55b – Very nice steal, Mr. Crisp!  Now Papi can go back to being Papi!!!

7:57 – Papi strikes out swinging.  A huge, sweeping swing.  Well, Manny’s due for something good, no?

Dang.  All my stuff from 7:57 on just disappeared.  I hate technology.

8:08 – Score is 1-1 with 2 down.  Man, I’m grumpy…I had some good stuff just disappear.  🙂

8:09 – Oh yeah, Yankees are losing.   🙂

8:11 – Two outs, two strikes to Guillen…Guillen gets a single.  He is evil.

8:13 – Guillen steals second…it’s the last name, I’m telling you.

8:14 – Infield strikes again.  After 4, score still tied at one.

8:16 – Games like tonight remind me why those folks who don’t like baseball think that it is boring.  🙂

8:17 – Mr Double hits a single!

8:21 – A little bit of excitement at the Red Sox Chick house…so I missed it, but somehow we have three outs.  I’m having a bad blogging night.  :-/

8:23 – Speaking of bad nights…the Yanks got back a run, 2-1 Orioles.

8:25 – What the heck was THAT Manny?  Well, at least it kept him to a single.

8:27 – I feel like every time I look up, Brandon Inge is on the tv…no outs, one on and Brandon has 0-2.

8:28 – I have the "Scrubs" season 2 dvds sitting next to me and the almost five year old wants to watch it because she thinks Zach Braff is ‘pretty cute’.  She’s too young to think that, right?

8:28b – Sit down, Brandon.  Thanks for swinging.

8:30 – Come on, Curt, enough fooling around.  Or do you like pitching with two Michikohairypalms2on and one out?

8:32 – Mr. Granderson, there is a spot on the bench waiting for you.  Buh-bye.

8:34 – Hey, Jeter is playing tonight.  Guess he rested the palm.

8:35 – Come on, Curt, what is this?   Well, that’s a run. 

8:37 – A strikeout…that would be good, Schill.

8:38 – An out is an out…end of the inning.  2-1.  Sox have to get off their behinds.

8:40 – MLBlogs is acting up…it’s a tad annoying.  (They just aren’t used to my speed!)  🙂

8:43 – HGHiambi just hit a two run homerun to give the Yanks the lead.  Ah, chemicals.

8:43b – Coco struck out for the first time tonight.  Dam.

8:46 – Two outs with a full count to Big Papi.   Now is a good time for that ‘clutch’ thing.

8:47 – But a walk works too!

8:49 – Someone should tell Manny that Kenny Rogers said he has funny hair.  That’ll get him hitting.

8:50 – I started a bit of an exercise program last night.  Didn’t get to do it tonight because of the rain and the live blog.  My knees are reminding me right now that taking a day off the day after you start is probably a bad idea.

8:53 – Whoa.  Manny’s gone.  And I don’t mean just because he struck out.  I’m pretty sure throwing your helmet and bat are going to get you booted out of the game.

8:56 – How the he11 did Manny NOT get thrown out of the game????  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he didn’t, but dam, what do you have to do to get thrown out by this guy?

8:57 – Curt gives up a hit, I turn the channel and the O’s tied the game.  Hee.

8:59 – Luis Matos isn’t even batting .200.  What happened to him?

9:00 – Maybe if we tell Curt that there was a mistake and TONIGHT will be his 200th win, he’ll pick it up a bit?

9:01 – Ricky Martin, er, Magglio Ordonez just stole his first base since September 2003.  Ah, Jason.

9:04 – Game has been on almost two hours.  Feels like eight.

9:05 – AGon gets Curt out of some trouble.  End of 6, Tigers up 2-1.

9:11 – Mr Double has another single (with one out).  Youk is up.  Let’s make some music, boys.

9:13 – The Red Sox hate this homeplate umpire.  Youk is out looking.  It’s up to Trot to do something good.

9:14 – Kenny Rogers appears to have an owie.  Let’s take advantage "Red Sox Player of the Week" Trot Nixon.

9:16 – Have I mentioned tonight that I hate the Yankees?  (5-3 Yanks in the 7th – wait, maybe I should hate the Orioles for stinking?)

9:17 – Trot assumes that Magglio’s glove is feeling empty, so he does a good deed and plants a baseball in it.  3 outs.  2-1 in the middle of the 7th.

Cocob_1 9:20 – Curt won’t have a chance at his pretend 200th win…David Riske is now in.  What an unfortunate name for a relief pitcher.

9:21 – Coco makes a pretty amazing catch.  Thanks Coco!  Schilling had 109 pitches with 8 strikeouts, 7 hits and 2 runs.  Not  horrible, actually.  I take it all back, Curt.  Where the heck is the run support for this man?

9:23 – Riske struck a guy out.  Coool.

9:24 – Coco makes another great catch.  How about hitting a homerun Coco?  A three-run homerun would be nice…but I’ll take one to tie the score.  In case you’re taking requests.

9:30 – Well, Alex Cora ensures that Coco can’t hit a multi-run homerun.  He can still tie it right now.  Get cracking, Coco!

9:32  – I’ll take a walk.  Being on base is good.  Now it’s up to the Low Rider to hit that mult-run homerun.  Granted, he’s 0-3 but still….

9:33 – Okay, he could also pop up.  That could possibly end his 15 game hitting streak (as Remy just mentioned).

9:34 – Big Papi has a big hit hiding in him…it’s going to come out now.  I feel it.

9:36 – Well, it almost came out.  Granderson just felt like nabbing it.  Middle of 8, 2-1.  Ugh.

9:43 – I’m so quiet because Rudy Seanez is on the mound.  1 out, 1 on and Ricky Martin up at bat.  Rudy Seanez frightens me.  Like Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger.  I might have to close my eyes.

9:46 – Loretta doesn’t tag Polanco and gets out Menudo.  Two outs with Ozzie Guillen’s evil twin (wouldn’t Ozzie be the evil one, Cyn?) Carlos up at bat.

9:47 – So  much for the infield.  Youk drops the ball…an error keeps the inning going.  This is when my stomach starts to hurt.

9:49 – Matos.  Luis, I can’t hit .200, Matos, just knocked in a run.  Yanks 5, O’s 4 with two on, one out and first base open.

9:50 – Rudy, if you like me even a little you’ll just get the he11 out of this dam inning.

9:51 – Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, do ya love me?????  Guess so.  Nice inning (???) boys.

9:52 – I seriously want to punch the yuppie dude who says "It’s like a baby New York" in the Southwest Airline commercial (in regard to Philadelphia).

9:55 – Manny’s up.  Full count.  Either he gets a hit or he gets thrown out of the game (I’m guessing here).

9:56 – I just realized it’s the ninth inning with one out and the Sox are losing. Ugh.

9:57 – Trot Nixon sent a message out to his wife that he ‘hopes she feels better’.  How cute is that?  Oh yeah.  Varitek is out.  Mr. Double is our last hope. 

9:58 – The score is 2-1.  Two to freaking 1.  I hate games like this.

9:59 – Mike Lowell gets his third hit of the night.  Just to prolong my agony.

10:00 – Holy cow!  Holy freaking cow.  Kevin Youkilis hits a two-run homerun!  I just screamed so loud the cat is hiding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

10:01 – What the heck, Placido?  Nice error, we’ll take it thanks.  Nixon on first with a one-run lead, Alex Cora is up at bat and Jonathan Papelbon is in the bullpen.

10:02 – Bottom of the ninth coming up.  Pap’s chance to get his 20th save coming up with it.  And now, I hold my breath.

10:07 – Mr Papelbon says, "Have a seat one and two guys and bring me Ivan"!

10:10 – Stop toying with him, Pap…get him out, let’s all go to bed.

2001995177 10:11 – WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Papelbon gets his 20th save!!!!  Sox win!  HUGE shout out to Mike Lowell for NOT prolonging my agony, but making the rest of the evening much more pleasant!  (Shout out to our boy YOUK as well!)

10:12 – And here it comes:

I’m gonna tell you a story
I’m gonna tell you about my town
I’m gonna tell you a big bad story, baby
Aww, it’s all about my town

Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks of the river Charles (aw, that’s what’s happenin’ baby)
That’s where you’ll find me
Along with lovers, fuggers, and thieves (aw, but they’re cool people)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, you’re the Number One place)
Frustrated women (I mean they’re frustrated)
Have to be in by twelve o’clock (oh, that’s a shame)
But I’m wishin’ and a-hopin, oh
That just once those doors weren’t locked (I like to save time for
my baby to walk around)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Because I love that dirty water
Oh, oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Well, I love that dirty water (I love it, baby)
I love that dirty water (I love Baw-stun)
I love that dirty water (Have you heard about the Strangler?)
I love that dirty water (I’m the man, I’m the man)
I love that dirty water (Owww!)
I love that dirty water (Come on, come on)

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!  I really DO appreciate it!  Have a great night!

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