2006 All Star Game Voting

Youkchin_1Okay, normally I would wait until June to do this, but after watching another game where our infield defense was pretty amazing…I’m going to start it a little early.

Here are the choices we have for American League first baseman:

Jason Giambi

Travis Hafner

Travis Lee

Casey Kotchman

Justin Morneau

Chris Shelton

Mark Teixeira

David Ortiz

Ignoring the fact that Casey Kotchman has only played 29 games and his average is under .200, Justin Morneau isn’t even batting at .250, Jason Giambi is HGH boy and Travis Lee is, well, Travis Lee…what’s the most confusing name on this list?

If you said David Ortiz, I’m with you.

Don’t get me wrong, you always wanting Papi in your lineup to hit…but this year’s All Star Game is in a National League park.  So Papi will not only have to bat, but (as his spot on the FIRST BASE list implies) play first as well.

Papi isn’t as bad at first as his detractors (read: Yankees fans) will have you believe…but he certainly isn’t All Star material.  Neither are the Travises nor pretty much 2/3rds of the list…but the thing is, if we’re choosing from first baseman on the Red Sox, there is a better alternative.  Kevin Youkilis.

The current Red Sox infield is arguably the best infield this team has had in my lifetime.  Their defense has been spectacular and they’re all hitting pretty well too.  (Okay, the Alex’s need some work at the plate…)  Kevin Youkilis has been amazing at first base (and not too shabby at third either)…so much better than any of us had expected.  His name deserves to be on the ballot.

Along with his stellar defense (his fielding percentage is 1.000 and the only error he has is from the night he played third base), Youk is batting .320 and he even has a stolen base!  He’s exactly what we need in the infield for the All Star Game!

And Big Papi?  He doesn’t even seem to want the job!

"I’m not looking forward to (playing first) but I have to — I have no choice," Ortiz said before last night’s game against Baltimore. "Wish me good luck. I can handle it. I’m telling you, the toughest thing about baseball is the heat, and I can handle it.  I don’t care anymore," Ortiz said. "We’ve got a good first baseman here, and I don’t play first base, so why should I look forward to it?"

So what is my point?  My point is, right now you can go vote for the All Star team – and If you’re voting for a Red Sox player (hey, that’s pretty much what I do!) or even if you’re just looking for which player deserves to be at first – go over there and write in Kevin Youkilis’ name.  I love my Big Papi, but Youk has really earned this spot.

So, go vote folks!

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