“Have another beer, drunkie!”

Probably the best line I’ve ever heard on Sportscenter.  And it was in regard to the idiot Sox fan giving Foulke a hard time last night.

Same Sportscenter guy wants to know what AJ Pierzynski got fined for stopping Michael Barrett’s punch with his face.

I don’t watch Sportscenter all that much, but on a lazy Saturday morning it’s giving me a big laugh.

Barrett got 10 games, Joey Cora got 2?  Wow.

Sportscenter is beating this Richard Petty quote about how women shouldn’t be drivers to death.  Danica Patrick had a great response to it.  She basically said, ‘well, he’s old, what do you expect?’.  Good girl!  Now go kick some butt tomorrow!

It’s a beautiful day but the sun is kind of hiding right now…I  hope Emily gets a good night to see Curt’s 200th win!

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