Curt gets his 200th win!

Curts200thCongratulations Curt!

He pitched 7 innings, Keith Foulke pitched a perfect 1,2,3 8th (take that, drunkies!) and Papelbon finished it off 1,2,3 in the ninth!  (Getting his own milestone 18th save!)

Granted, Curt gave up 8 hits and 4 runs (while striking out 7)…so it wasn’t pretty, but the rest of the team did what they had to do, and they won it together.

200 on his career, 8 on the season.  I like the way that looks.

Man, I hope Emily stayed to see the whole thing!  🙂

(Edited to add:  according to Remy, the fans aren’t leaving Fenway and they’re chanting "We want Curt"!  He just came out to tip his hat, and thank the fans.  No, Thank YOU, Curt.  THANK YOU!)

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