Yay, I’m home!

16800_512I’ve been very harsh on David Wells ever since it was announced he was pitching tonight (not so much here, but in many other places)…and my dear, dear friend Kay is a big Boomah fan.  So because I love her, I’ve decided to start sending Wells positive vibes.  Heck, it could work, right?

I’m home early (Watching "Around the Horn".  Why?  Why am I watching this?  Can’t someone take Jay Mariotti out back and beat him?  Please?) and have decided to liveblog the game tonight.  So far, every Sox game I’ve liveblogged – the Sox have won.

So, I’m doing it all for Boomah.  (Okay, I’m really doing it for Kay…and since I’ve been out frolicking three nights in a row, I need to do SOMETHING to keep me awake during the game!)

Just checked Extra innings and, of course, the Yanks/Royals game isn’t on…so I’ll have to check in with them through gameday.  Tonight, my desire is less for the Yankees to lose and more for the Royals to win.  Don’t get me wrong, I want the Yankees to lose – but this Royals losing streak is just too sad for words…I want them to break out, and what better way than against the Yankees?

So, go Boomah and go guy from Kansas City!  (Okay, I looked it up…it’s Scott Elarton.  He’s 0-5 with a 4.71 era and he’s pitching against Mike Mussina.  I think Royals fans should start drinking now.)

Great.  I turned off NESN because I couldn’t stand listening to Bob Ryan…and guess who is on "PTI"?

Man, thunder just came rumbling through here…wonder how this is going to affect the game?

Ooh, one last item…I have so much more respect for Frank Robinson now than I ever did before.  Absolutely.

Edited to add that the 7:05pm start time isn’t happening because of the rain…the tarp is still on the field, and as of right now they aren’t sure when the game will start.  I still plan to liveblog…I just don’t know when we’re starting just yet!

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