Mike Lowell

Captb11db94951f6409fb0681cf3cf615a63deviI wore his t-shirt for the entire game tonight.  I usually don’t.  I just threw it on when I came home from work.  Just saw his post-game interview and he told everyone that his grandfather died a year ago today and he’s been thinking about him all day.  Said that it was a really bad day and "maybe I hit that one for him".

I keep thinking back to the first game of the season that I went to with Coach Mike (second week of the season).  At one point I turned to him to tell him that "I love Mike Lowell".  And, man, I do.

He’s developing a cult following in The Nation (just go over to Surviving Grady on any day and read the comments – SOMEONE always brings him up)…we love him and it makes it sweeter that so many wrote him off after last year.

His bringing up his grandfather tonight just makes him that much more human to those of us who already love him.  I’ll say a prayer for your grandfather,  Mike.

Man, he’s just amazing.  God bless, Mr. Double.

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