Real Fans v Boston Dirt Dogs

It has been brought to my attention that there are people out there who actually believe that the Boston Dirt Dogs website is the voice of Red Sox Nation.  This concerns me for many reason, but mostly because I hate the thought of the guys on the team thinking Steve Silva speaks for real Red Sox fans.

I’m here to tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth.  Take the headline over at Dirt Dogs today.  "Burnt to a Crisp".  And then Steve Silva proceeds to bash Coco Crisp for 1) being on the DL (not the first time he’s done this) and 2) appearing at one of those autograph signings that you have to pay for.

I find it important that the Red Sox players know that Steve Silva only represents himself.  He’s a bitter, wannabe, who makes the likes of Steve Buckley and Dan Shaughnessy look downright upbeat. 

If you go to the website there is a link on their sports page to the Dirt Dogs site (don’t even get me started about how Silva stole the dirtdog name from  Jerry Remy).  But if you complain to the Boston Globe, they’ll tell you that they have nothing to do with the content on that site.  And Steve Silva hides behind the "I’m just a blogger" excuse, when that is obviously not that case.

Boston Dirt Dogs makes the National Enquirer look respectable.  And at least the Enquirer isn’t blatantly racist.  Manny, Pedro, Nomar, Coco…he’s saves his most vicious attacks for the minority players.  Oh, he got his jabs in at Kevin Millar while he was with the team, but he insisted on pushing the "give Johnny a standing ovation" agenda, as well as for Millar…but he wants everyone to boo Pedro and he is trying his best to create some negative energy around Coco.

Gee, I wonder why?

Silva fabricated a story about Nomar not wanting his World Series ring.  This story got picked up all across the country, and Silva never fessed up.  AND the Globe allowed him to continue to not only be associated with, but they actually pay this cretin to be a correspondent.

Most people tell you that they go to the Dirt Dogs site for the links.  I’m determined to start a site, probably on blogger, with nothing but updated, Sox-related news links.  Maybe that will get people to stop giving Dirt Dogs the traffic.

Why write this post and give Silva and his site more traffic?  Well, I guess it’s worth it for folks to see him and his site for what it is.  Nothing more than a nasty tabloid, written by a sports-writer wannabe.

Heck, the Globe doesn’t pay ME, but I write 100 times better than that guy.  And I wouldn’t rely on racist, fictitious stories to earn my keep.

Edited to add, that it is my belief, and the belief of many others, that Mr. Silva’s content is racist, since he chooses to negatively focus on the minority players while embracing a positive focus on white players.  This is something that is easily discovered after glancing through the Dirt Dogs website.  Mr. Silva might not be racist, but his site certainly has those undertones.  If Silva takes issue with my categorizing him that way, he can feel free to correct me.

And as added proof, I give you this and more specifically this.

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