Okay, one baseball-related item

I didn’t email The New York Post regarding Mike Vaccaro’s stupid article about "dropping’ Papi.  But yesterday, when the printed the article by Lenn whatever his last name is about how The Post got into Ortiz’s head…well I had to respond to that.

You can find the article here:  http://www.nypost.com/sports/65788.htm

But don’t try to respond to it.  I sent an email to the ‘author’s’ listed email address and it bounced back twice.  I also forwarded the email to the Post’s sports desk – and THAT was returned as well.  (Interestingly enough, the email address I used has no trace of the words "red sox" in it at all…so I’m guessing I wasn’t being booted as spam as much as the email boxes at the Post were probably full of messages telling old Lenn what an idiot he was.  Papi is having a great series…no one got in his head…but it’s good for a story to just make it up as you go along.  I get it.)

So, since the Post doesn’t want my letter, I’m printing it here.  Not my best work, but it was only going to The Post so I wasn’t worried about having to impress anyone there.

I’m at a loss for words that you are even allowed your own byline after reading this tripe. This is the best you can come up with after the Red Sox, including David Ortiz, humiliated Randy Johnson and the rest of the Yankees?

Maybe you missed the actually game, Lenn? I’m guessing you did since Ortiz walked his first at bat (if Vaccaro got into anyone’s head, it was obviously Randy Johnson’s), got on base and scored his second at bat, doubles in his next at bat – and then scores, add to that a ground out and a strike out late in the game, and I’m not really seeing how you think Vaccaro got into his head.

You wrote: "At about 5 p.m. yesterday, Big Papi was thinking more about The Post than the Yankees. That’s good news for Yankees fans. "

This is the funniest of all. The media questions Ortiz about the ridiculous, inflammatory and, frankly, irresponsible article your talentless co-worker writes, and Ortiz was thinking more about that than the Yankees? You really need to learn comprehension, pal. Answering questions about something like Vaccaro’s article (a term I use loosely) doesn’t mean his head was out of the game. See the above paragraph for details on Papi’s performance last night because, as I’ve stated, you obviously missed the game.

It’s pretty sad the best you could come up with was an article that makes absolutely no sense. Even sadder that you get paid to write this stuff.

By the way, congratulations on working for a newspaper that advocates physically hurting a player over a game. It must be quite the crowd you get to work with.

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