Interesting Night

JtluisBronson gave up eleven hits but only three runs.  Felix Lopez hits the first Reds in-the-park homerun since 2001.  Reds (and Bronson) still lose.  Go figure.

Got to watch most of the Reds game after the Sox game.  Bronson looked very familiar last night.  He threw 90 pitches in six innings and had this to say about it:

"I pitched worse than the line looked. The defense kept me in the game. These guys made some great plays to keep us in the game and give us a chance to win."

He says all the right things.  He always did.  Here’s hoping last night was just a bad night and he returns to the pitching he’s been doing prior to last night.

I guess this is a good time to mention that Wily Mo Pena is playing very well right now.  I still miss Bronson but promised myself I wouldn’t blame Pena for the trade.

Let’s talk about Julian Tavarez for a minute.  In the eighth inning last night, he hit Luis Matos in the hip.  Matos said "Ow" (you could read his lips) and walked to first, smiling.  Tavarez looked over to him, Matos said something, Tavarez said something and made this  "What did you say?" motion to his ear while walking toward Matos.

Benches clear, bullpens clear, umpires get in front of Tavarez and nothing happens.  Matos is smiling the entire time.

Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo both note upon reviewing the video of the non-incident, that neither guy looked as if they were ‘fighting’.  So, it seems, the benches and bullpens cleared pretty much solely based on Tavarez’s reputation.

I watched the post-game stuff and witnessed Tavarez say the following:

"…before I start something here, I will catch a flight and go back to my country, because I’m not here to embarrass the Boston Red Sox, and I’m a better person than what people think I am, what it looks like I am.  I’m a better person than that." 

So I’ve decided to give Tavarez the benefit of the doubt.  It DID look like he wasn’t trying to start trouble, especially when the umps came over and he didn’t flip out. 

Hey, Tim Wakefield got run support!!!!  That’s really the big story of the night.

Last game with the O’s, day off and then three days in the Bronx.  Beckett, Schilling and Wakefield against Johnson, Mussina and the ever-intimidating "To be Announced".

Mad Dog, you’re going to be at the Schilling/Mussina game!!!!! I am so jealous!

Damon’s return aside, I don’t usually liveblog Yankees/Sox games because they stress me out too much (and liveblogging pretty much means I can’t walk out of the room for a ‘lalala I’m not hearing this game" intermission) but as long as I can get out of work on time, I can liveblog Tuesday night’s game.  So I’ll make the commitment here to do it!

I wing it whenever I do it…so I don’t think there is any right or wrong way to go.

Lenny Dinardo on the mound today.  Maybe he pitches better during the day?

(One, NON baseball-related note:  The Lakers got their butts handed to them last night by Phoenix…enjoy your summer, Kobe, knowing how much your team choked last night.)

Edgar Renteria, by the way, has a 21 game hitting streak going.   Apparently, he missed the National League.

The NY Mets have the best record in MLB and Bonds isn’t any closer to passing Babe than he was yesterday.  Maybe God IS a baseball fan?

Ooh, today is my dad’s birthday!!!  Happy birthday, Da!  Hope Lenny gets you a win today!

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