Bronson and Lenny

I contribute to another blog over at Blogger called "Sox Sistahs Speak".  A bunch of my friends got together and decided it was time for us to share our opinions with the world.  So now we do.

I only mention it, because I’ve written a couple of pieces lampooning Bronson and Lenny and their ‘relationship’, much to the chagrin of one of my ‘sistahs’.  Today, correctly expecting that I would do it again after Lenny’s win (and Bronson’s loss last night), she beat me to the punch.  So, if you’re in the mood for a laugh, check it out.

Another good place for a laugh today is over at Da Bronx Bombers.  Horror of horrors, my sending you to a Yankee blog, I know – but Gabriel is not only funny, but truly talented…so if you haven’t read him before, get on over there!  I’m hoping to see him do one for Mike Timlin!

Sox sweep Orioles, Millar received a nice reception, Lenny got his first Major League win, Tek got his second (since we aren’t counting the WBC) grand slam…lots of good things this weekend.  Tomorrow is an off-day and then the boys invade the Bronx!

Can’t wait!

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