Doug Mirabelli

Image2Amalie Benjamin wrote a nice piece about Dougie’s homecoming today.  I don’t often link to or compliment anyone attached to the Boston Globe…but I really enjoyed this article and wanted to share it.

And here’s an interesting one from the business section of the Boston Herald.  Apparently, Dougie’s shirts are very popular!

And for all the folks whining about 1) the big deal that is being made of this and 2) the fact that Doug has a State Trooper escort. 

Dougnosox 1)  It IS a big deal.  One of the guys in our starting rotation regained his confidence in his catcher and Monday night proved how important that was.  Wakefield has said nothing but great things about Josh Bard, and good for him – he’s an amazing guy Ellithat way – but you could see him immediately settle in with Mirabelli behind the plate.

2) Give me a break.  It isn’t like the entire state shut down.  One care got him to the park.  I seem to remember something similar being done with Mariano Rivera…didn’t hear anyone complaining then.  Oh, and about our tax dollars?  The Red Sox picked up the tab.

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