Thank you, Adam Stern!

Schilstern For two amazing catches on two amazing nights.

Kick some butt in Pawtucket and get yourself ready for a full-time gig in the bigs!

And what did Tuesday night’s game-hero have to say about being sent down?

”The organization’s being honest and they’re giving me a shot," said Stern, whose Rule 5 obligation expired after last night’s game. ”They don’t want me to come out of the gate and be a fourth outfielder. They want me to get at-bats, so I can get a shot at starting someday. I think that’s what you need, especially as a young guy. You don’t ever want to be put in the fourth outfield slot right out of the gate. You want to eventually get to there, but you don’t want to start out that way."

Since the get-go, Stern has had a positive attitude and a great sense of humor.  I’m so glad I got to see him in person on his last night (for the time being) at Fenway. 

Saw Kevin’s Youkilis’ first ML lead-off homerun…and saw some guy in a Trot Nixon jersey run on the field close to Trot (and the Fenway security slam him to the ground!)

Oh yeah, some guy named Schilling pitched last night.  He looks good; the Sox should consider keeping him around.

(I saw a great game that I’ll write about more later – hopefully with some of my own pictures too!)

Let’s check out those AL East Standings, huh?


Boston 11 4 0
Baltimore 9 7 2.5
New York 7 7 3.5
Toronto 7 7 3.5
Tampa Bay 7 8


Have a great day, folks!

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