Looking Forward

Youkchin Opening day of the season is Monday…and even though I’ll be busy today and tomorrow…it’ll still be the longest weekend of the off-season!

So what am I looking forward to?  Here’s my top five (For now anyway.  You know me, I’m fickle about these things!):

* Kevin Youkilis getting regular playing time.  I don’t care if he’s at first or third, this will finally be the season we get to see what he’s made of.

* Keith Foulke’s ‘comeback’.  I’ve maintained that I thought he should have been the World Series MVP for some time now, and I hope he can get back to his ’04 self.

* A totally healthy Curt Schilling.  Although I will never forget what he did in ’04, I gave him a hard time last year for playing when he shouldn’t have.  He has a whole new season to shut me up.

* Pedro Martinez coming back to Boston.  I don’t care if he pitches or not.  It’ll be fun and bittersweet to see Petey back at Fenway when the Mets come to town.

*  Manny and Big Papi back to back.  Seriously, what is more amazing than watching these two together?

** Special mention for a basebrawl or two – as long as no one gets hurt.  Must be the old-time Bruins fan in me, but I love a good (is there such a thing as a "good" one?) basebrawl.  With Rudy Seanez and Julian Tavarez in the bullpen…and 19 games against the Devil Rays…the chances are VERY good that I’ll be seeing one or two of these.

(My original plan for today was to post about my love for the Yankees since it IS April Fool’s Day…but I couldn’t even JOKE about it…)

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