It’s nice to see…

Tsdogk …that Tanyon Sturtze is already in mid-season form.

"I don’t care if they get upset," Sturtze said. "They can get upset at whatever they want. I was trying to go fastball in and I got it in too deep. I don’t care who gets upset. I’m still trying to work on my command. I’ve been struggling this whole spring."

It was obvious to me and others that Mike Myers didn’t mean to hit JT Snow.  And it was obvious to me and others that David Riske didn’t mean to hit Derek Jeter…but come ON Tanyon…anyone with eyes saw the direction that ball was taking.  Once again, you show how bush league you are.  Gabe Kapler says ‘hi’.

I guess I should put in Mike Lowell’s quote.  Man, I’m starting to like this guy!

"I don’t make anything of it. [Sturtze] was protecting Jeter; they thought we hit him. It was no big deal."

Good for you, Mike.  Because if this stuff is starting now, it’s going to be a long season.

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