Oh Good God!

Leave it to Johnny Damon to help complete my forgiveness of Theo.

Some gems in this one.

"The biggest thing that enticed me about the Yankees is knowing that Derek Jeter is going to be here five more years, [Alex Rodriguez] is going to be here five more years, Jorge Posada’s going to be here. Bernie Williams is going to be here as long as he wants. I believe they’re going to make a big effort to sign Gary Sheffield. Jason Giambi is here three more years.  That core is something that enticed me a lot. The core in Boston, unfortunately, is coming to an end."

Egads, Johnny…how the heck old is that ‘core’ going to be?  Who in their right mind goes to a team because in a few years they’re going to be fielding a bunch of old guys?

Now, admittedly, (and pretty freaking OBVIOUSLY) I’m bummed about Bronson, but does Johnny really think that the way to win another World Series is to keep the same exact team as we had in 2004?  Even I’M not that delusional.

My favorite line is this:

"Unfortunately, the loyalty of the fans always stays…"

Unfortunately, Johnny?  If not for the loyalty of Red Sox Nation, you would have been booed mercilessly your first time in Fenway after your stupid book came out.  If not for the loyalty of Red Sox Nation, you’d still be just another baseball player who tried to get his freak on by ditching his wife, marrying a plastic showpiece, and growing his hair.  The loyalty of Red Sox fans made you who you are today, pal.

And for that, I apologize to the rest of MLB, on behalf of all of Red Sox Nation.

By now if it isn’t completely obvious to everyone who pays attention to Johnny that he sorely misses "the loyalty of Red Sox fans"…I’m not sure how much clearer he could make it.

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