The Bright Spot in my Day

Thanks everyone for your kind words.  I’m bummed.  And not all that thrilled about the trade in general (especially after reading about how this could have ramifications that affect Trot Nixon as well). 

Anyway, I call my four-year old goddaughter Madison to tell her about Bronson and her response to my saying  "the Red Sox traded Bronson" was a gasp and then "To the Yankees?????".

Hee.  She’s learned so much at such a young age.

So when I assured her it wasn’t the Yankees she wanted to know if we ‘like the Reds’.  I told her, sure we do since we have no real reason not to, and as we hung up and I told her I was sad because Bronson won’t be playing for the Red Sox any longer.  She told me not to be sad because "…he’s with the Reds and we like them!".

Until I hear differently from Bronson, I still maintain that Theo is a snake.  🙁

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