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New addition March 21:

More comments from the EEI interview last night courtesy of my friend Lisa:

"Says that Theo called him before it "hit the media", although "someone" sent him a text message prior to Theo’s call giving him the heads up.

When asked about if he had it to do over again, would he have done the deal differently, and he says no, b/c there was a good likelihood he would be traded anyway. He also confirms that he went against the advice of his agent.

Says right now is "tough", but that it will get better once he gets there and gets settled. He mentioned that this is by far the best place to play baseball, and that Boston is the only place outside of Florida that he wanted to live in the off season.

That’s about it. He was very cordial (as usual), candid, and I could hear the disappointment in his voice. But he also confirmed that there was no gentleman’s agreement, that the home town discount was his choice to take, and that even if he took arbitration, he might have been traded anyway."

Again, this all makes me feel better for Bronson.  But my view of Theo still has been changed forever.  Oh well.


….from Bronson on WEEI, stolen from the Sons of Sam Horn…

"I’m as disappointed as I have ever been in my life"

"I do not feel like I was misled"

"I guess that’s the way it goes.."

That second one makes me feel a little better.  I’m a bit of a softie, I know…but my biggest ‘concern’ is how Bronson feels.  Seriously.  All day I had been so sad thinking he was beating himself up for letting himself be misled by the Wonder Twins.  So this makes those pangs go away a little.  But I’m still sad for him and I’ll still miss him an awful lot.

I’m very happy that he seems to be taking the high road here and not trying to throw Theo and the front office under the bus.  Doesn’t change how I feel about Theo now, but at least Bronson is being the better man.  I hate when players trash the team on their way out of town.

Of course, after a few months in Cincinnati, he might be saying something else, but for now I’m proud of the fact that he’s leaving with his head held high.

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