I wonder if Bud’s head has exploded yet?

Teamusa2 What with the USA team out of the WBC now.

Well, at least this makes it easier for my friend J to enjoy the games this weekend (although I’m sure he’d disagree to a small extent.  HE’S the one who had to remind me last week, "Cyn, this time we actually WANT them to do well", in regard to ARod, Jeter and Damon).   I know he’ll have a great time – he gets to see the Big Papi, hopefully, pound some poor pitcher from Cuba tomorrow!

Once again, I have a head cold.  This one courtesy Tekusaof either Jeff or Ellen in my office (heck, maybe both).  I have to start taking vitamins or something, this is getting ridiculous.

Jason and Mike…time to come on home.  Thanks for all you did – hope you had a great time.  (Now Jason, get back to whipping our pitchers into shape – thanks!)

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