Bronson is pitching today!

TrainridehomefromfenwayLovelybronson Sure, it’ll probably be against the Pirates’ "z" team…but I don’t care.  Bronson is finally getting some real pitching in, so we’ll be able to see how he ‘looks’, AND NESN is airing the game, so I’ll literally be able to see it!

Schilling and Clement both felt and looked great on the mound yesterday.  More good news from Ft. Myers.

Alex Gonzalez won’t be in the WBC…I consider that good news for the Red Sox (although I want to know why…did he decide not to play?  Did they drop him from the 30-man roster?  Seems like a long trip to take just to turn around and come back ‘home’).

I accidentally deleted last Sunday’s episode of "Red Sox this Week" with the "Great Cookie-Off" from my dvr last night.  This upset me greatly.  Some days it doesn’t take much to totally bum me out.  I’m hoping someone out there has a copy of this on tape or dvr that they’d be willing to share.  🙂

Ah, and for the record, my goddaughter Madison told me last night that she thinks Bronson will be her new favorite player this season (thanks largely in part to his version of "C is for Cookie").

SO, please God, don’t let the Red Sox trade him.  I’m not sure she could take it.

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