Mad loves John

Johnny1 I’ve mentioned Madison before, she’s my 4 year-old goddaughter who loves the Red Sox and adored (okay, adoreS) Johnny Damon.

My sister sent me this yesterday.  It’s an exchange she had with "Mad" yesterday morning:

Mad: I want to wear my Johnny Damon shirt today
My sister: Johnny Damon is a jerk!
Mad: No-your favorite Red Sox is a jerk!
My sister: My favorite is Big Papi-he’s not a jerk
Mad:Yes he is
My sister:No he’s not

And it ended with my niece good-naturedly theorizing that maybe my sister was a jerk.  Now, mind you, this was all said with smiles (and my sister explained that you don’t call your mother a jerk), but it  brings up an interesting point for me.  Umair (evilsnare to some of you) mentioned that he ‘roots for the laundry’ in one of my comment sections.  And so do I.  My first love will always be the team.  But, admittedly, I fall for a lot of the players as well. 

I guess I’m just pleased that my niece can still Lenny1support the Red Sox (she still thinks the "Ankees stink!" and "Red Sox – number one!"), but still stay loyal to a player too.  Even if he didn’t stay loyal to her.  (As my friend Lisa said, "she’s too young to be as bitter and vindictive as the rest of us".)

Who knows how long it will last – she’s only four – but for now it makes me happy that she has such strong feelings about this that she doesn’t let me, her  mother or her grandparents cloud her opinion.

So for Mad, a Johnny shot today (in her favorite incarnation of him, taken by me at Bronson’s cd release party last July) and for the rest of us…a Lenny shot (taken by me at the same party).

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