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I  love the word "geek’.  I proudly tell people I’m a technology geek AND a baseball geek…and there are many of us out there.  I  love that so many people who emailed me about the junk going on in my life made mention about the date the pitchers and catchers are reporting for Spring Training.  I mean, honestly, only a baseball geek would use something like "Cheer up, Truck Day is Monday" in a sympathy note.  (Do other team’s fan bases wait for "Truck Day"?  You know, the day the trucks leave the park to drive down to Spring Training?  Or is this another "Boston" thing?  I mean it’s HUGE here.  The local news stations all do stories about it…pictures of the trucks being loaded with equipment are in all the papers…it’s a BIG deal here…)

I love Red Sox fans but I love baseball fans in general, heck a Yankees fan – hi snare!- was the first one to mention pitchers and catchers reporting as a way to cheer me up! 

SO because I love the game and the fans…and because they were  nice enough to ask me to record a brief segment for their podcast…I want to gratuitously shill for the Baseball Geeks, Rob and Gregg!  Check out their website…which is a lot of fun and really interesting.  They’re both quite nice guys and immensely knowledgeable about our favorite sport.  They have a pretty cool blog right here at MLBlogs too!  Their sites are interactive, and I think you’ll all enjoy them.

They’re recording a podcast tomorrow that I’ve contributed a brief segment to (brief being about a minute and a half).  Once again, I’m fighting off a massive cold (I get the flu shot and no flu this year, but this is probably my fourth cold of Millarbatthe season!) so I probably sound like Minnie Mouse talking into a paper towel roll (here’s hoping I don’t)…so hopefully they won’t hate it too much and they’ll use it on their show.  🙂 

Speaking of their show, you can check out their previous podcasts at their website at or look for them on iTunes.  It’s a great listen.

The guys didn’t ask for this plug, by the way, I’m just feeling really appreciative for the ‘friends’ I’ve made through this blog and other internet avenues and decided to pay it forward. 

Take care, folks.

(and for the gals on the numberfifteen message board, especially Emmie, I give you Kevin Millar!)

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