Varitek signs a four-year deal

Jasonaug142005bWith TD Banknorth.

"As a world-class professional, Jason represents the very best of New England baseball, and we’re happy to have him on our team."

I hope he makes a boatload of money from this deal!  I’m not usually too big on athletes becoming spokespeople for anyone other than their team or a charity, but Jason is special.  At least in my mind.  He’s the guy who always fields the questions from the media when things go bad.  He’s the one who talks the highest-strung pitchers (Pedro, Lowe, Clement, heck John Burkett….) down and gets them through the tough innings.  He’s he guy who helped ignite the team when they were down in what is one of the most memorable ‘basebrawls’ in Red Sox history, yet refuses to sign copies of the pictures from that dayTekarodjpg .

He’s quietly become one of the best catchers in MLB and has been the leader of the team  long before they honored him with the title of "captain".  Yet many baseball fans probably wouldn’t even recognize him without his mask on.Sox1027

Unlike many of the other players from the 2003-2004 teams, Tek chooses to stay out of the spotlight. Sure, he did that stint on "**** Eye for the Straight Guy", but only because it was going to benefit the Little League in Punta Gorda. 

Unassuming and soft-spoken…he is one of the favorite sons of Red Sox Nation.  It’ll be nice to see HIS face all over print and television ads this year as opposed to the player who we were beaten to death with last year.

Good for you, Jason.  Congratulations!

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