More on the AL MVP

Courtesy of Tony Masserotti:

"According to STATS, Inc., Ortiz led all of major league baseball with 33 RBI in clutch situations during the 2005 campaign; Rodriguez was tied for 66th. Somehow, while amassing 130 RBI during the regular season, Rodriguez managed just 12 of them when the game was on the line."

I’m sorry.  That alone speaks for itself.Ortizring

Mas goes on to say that the main reason Ortiz didn’t win is because he’s a DH…which, given the way he helped the team this year, shouldn’t matter at all.

But it did.  And it’s over.

And once again, Papi still has that World Series ring.  I’m sure he slept fine last night.

I wonder how ARod slept:  "I would certainly trade his World Series championship for this MVP trophy."

But this gem is the best: ”We can win three World Series, and with me, it’s never going to be over," he said. ”My benchmark is so high no matter what I do it isn’t going to be enough. I understand that. Maybe when I retire all the [criticism] will end."

Get back to me when you’ve even won ONE World Series, Alex.

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