Another visit to the Hall of Fame

So I took another road trip Friday night to Cooperstown.  My friends Pam and Kelly went down with me and we stayed overnight and went back to the Hall of Fame for the third time this year (fourth time since the Red Sox won the World Series that I’ve gone down….Kelly and I went down last year this exact time and saw the Red Sox World Series exhibit on its first weekend up and now we got to see it on its last weekend there as well!).  Sistahsnov52005

We actually didn’t expect to see the Red Sox exhibit again.  This was the exact weekend we went down last November and the Red Sox were there, so we really expected the White Sox to be there this year.  Believe it or not, we were a little disappointed.  Mind you, we were thrilled to get one last look at all the Red Sox memorabilia, but fair is fair…the Whie Sox won and they should be represented there.  The only place it was evident that the White Sox were the World Champions, was in the souvenir store.

Kelly had decided that her mission for the weekend was to find a White Sox fan and shake his/her hand.  She got to do that.  This blurry picture is of the first two she met.  Kellywithwhitesoxfans They thought she was a little odd, but seemed to get a kick out of it.  We ended up meeting about a half dozen White Sox fans…Kelly was very pleased that she was able to accomplish her mission…but there was one guy we met wearing a White Sox hat who made us laugh.  See, on the trip down we were discussing the World Series and for some unknown reason not one us could remember who played right field for the White Sox.  (How embarrassed are we that it’s Jermaine Dye…the freaking MVP of the World Series?  For whatever reason, the three of us erased him from our brain.)  Even more embarrassing is that we asked this one particular guy wearing a White Sox hat, and his response was "I have no idea".

He had NO idea who played right field for the Chicago White Sox.  He was  humiliated (WE were humiliated that WE didn’t know, so I can’t imagine how HE must have felt).

See THAT is the stereotype of a White Sox fan.   We were really amazed.

The other disappointing thing is that for the half dozen White Sox fans we saw, I’ll bet there were fifty Red Sox fans (I also saw a Reds fan and a Phillies fan).

White Sox fans, you need to represent.  They told us that on Monday they are dismantling the Red Sox exhibit and the White Sox exhibit is going up (not sure if that means the White Sox are going up on Monday or just AFTER Monday).  I know it’s easier for Red Sox fans to make the trip, but I keep getting told about how there are many White Sox fans all over.  Well you all need to get your butts there and represent your team.

We had a wonderful time overall…it was nice to see the hall again and they had a couple of great exhibits that weren’t there in May…so it was a great time, yet again.  We went to a great used book/baseball memorabilia store (got a complete Blue Jays team set from 1991 and a first edition of "The Dreyfus Affair", one of my favorite baseball-themed novels).Ringonnove52005

It was nice to be away from the frenzy in Boston (we’re on day 7 of Theo Epstein mourning – and as much as I miss him, we toasted him and drank a bottle of Champagne in his honor in Cooperstown, but now we need to MOVE ON), but I don’t want to miss this week.  We  now have a General Manager by Committee going to the GM Meetings this week and Lucchino is promising good things.  We’ll see, Lucky, we’ll see.

Coperstown is a beautiful place…I love being there and as we were driving home we were already talking about when we’d make another trip down.

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