US Cellular Field

Capacity:  39, 366 (according to

Average attendance in 2004:  24,437

Average attendance in 2003:  23,944

These aren’t as horrible numbers as folks (mainly Cubs fans) would have you believe.  I mean, I understand that all teams can’t sell out, but they do have a relatively small park, so I AM a bit surprised that a team that was in first place all season didn’t sell out.

The fact that they’re selling out playoff games…what does that mean?  That there are a lot of bandwagon fans or just baseball fans who aren’t necessarily White Sox fans, scooping up tickets?

I just find it interesting.  Like New York (although not to that degree), Chicago is a big enough area to house two teams – so I don’t buy the "well we have two teams so of course we don’t sell out" excuse.  It’ll be interesting to see how the attendance is affected next year if the White Sox DON’T win the world series this year.

And just so it doesn’t sound like I’m picking on the White Sox, it’s interesting to note that Roger Clemens is up to his old tricks.  When he was on the Yankees, whenever there was a big game, especially in the post season, if he got hit hard he suddenly developed a blister, a sore back/leg/neck/arm…some kind of "injury" that would take him out of the game – sparing him from more humiliation.    And fancy that…same thing happened last night. 

Red Sox fans all remember his taking himself out of a World Series game in 1986 – sadly, Astros fans are getting a glimpse of how he works under real pressure.

I didn’t watch the game last night and I’ve only watched bits and pieces of tonight’s game.  It’s funny how your perspective changes when your team isn’t in it – I keep looking at the fans and thinking "dam it looks cold!".

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