Hopefully, Mike Timlin is applauding…

…but somehow I doubt it.  I’m sure he has more class than Alan Embree.  Although Alan cheered for the Red Sox losing to Chicago, I’d bet Timlin feels sorry that his friend just got knocked out of the playoffs.

But not ME, baby!  I get a twofer tonight!  I get to watch the Yankees get spanked and sent home…and I get to cheer against Ozzie Guillen in the ALCS!

(with apologies to White Sox fans because most of you have been really nice and your team IS amazing…I just despise your manager)

Ervinsantanaoct102005 Let’s hear it for the rookie!

Very, very sweet dreams for all of us who wanted to see the Yankees go down.

So much for winning the division.

(and my apologies to the genuinely nice Yankees fans I’ve encountered thanks to this blog…but I just don’t like the Yankees and make no apologies for THAT)

Manny might be golfing (Who am I kidding?  Manny still doesn’t know the season is over yet) but so is Jeter…very soon anyway.

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