More on the Yankees

So let me get this straight…the Yankees and Angels have to fly from  New York to California and play TOMORROW night?

That doesn’t seem very fair to either team.  MLB stinks sometimes.

Just saw these comments by Alan Embree:

"I have friends over there and you don’t want to see them go through bad times," said Embree, who was barely more effective with the Yankees after being released by Boston earlier this year. "But for management to get rid of me the way they did, [the loss] was kind of satisfying to watch"

Mike Timlin says "hi", Alan.  Nice to know it was satisfying for you to watch one of your best friends get slammed that way.  You’re one heck of a guy.

"I don’t know if fans are ever satisfied in Boston," Embree said with a laugh."

Gee, Al.  How soon you forget the parade last year and the ovation you got the last game of the season THIS year at Fenway.  Why bother tipping your hat to the crowd if you didn’t really mean it, Alan?

What a disappointment you are.  At least Bellhorn kept his mouth shut.

Nice to see Alan knows what it is to be a friend.  Oh wait…I guess he doesn’t.

Edited to add…it’s interesting that while Alan is making these comments it was noted that he hasn’t pitched ANY better, or helped the Yankees any more, than when he was in Boston.  It wasn’t as if they dumped a Timlin or a Myers…two guys who busted their as*es this year with more good results than bad.  Embree is delusional.

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